Congratulations! ¡Felicidades!

You or someone you love is pregnant. What kind of assistance do you need? Maybe you are just relieved to know there is a bilingual birth professional with whom you can talk in English.
I am Joni Nichols and I welcome working with you!
Looking for a childbirth preparation class?   Wondering if
anyone has a natural birth in México? Concerned about having a vaginal birth after cesarean? Curious about waterbirth? Need help with breastfeeding?  Want to understand why we require you to bring a car seat to the birth? Heard about the rebozos (baby carriers) that I sell?

Whatever your reason for visiting this site, please know you are warmly welcomed!
Discover more about the very special birthing community I've created with my colleagues in
Guadalajara, México.

If you don't find the
information you are looking
for after reading the rest of my
website, please write me. It
really is that easy to get
started!  We've love to meet
you and discuss your needs at
our free monthly
informational meeting.

English      Español
I took all the photos used on this site except those in which I appear.  All are used with the kind permission of the families involved.
        Ana Paula, Fernando y Mariela
A  family that traveled from Puerta Vallarta

    The next  free informational meeting
  will be Wednesday,
   February 3rd  at 
"Nacer en Plenitud"
    Angulo 1855

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