Handmade birthing/breastfeeding dolls

   Lovingly hand sewn and knitted --  each is one of a kind!
   You are invited to choose skin or hair color ....
   Marilú is an accomplished craftswoman so  if you have additional requests concerning the doll just let her know marilu_navarro11@hotmail.com
  The doll is a wonderful teaching tool, playmate, and collector's item.

     Each mother baby set comes with uterus, placenta/membranes and cord.  Baby's umbilical cord detaches with the same kind of snap fastener that assures a "good latch" for breastfeeding.
  Everyone at Plentiude is in love with these!!!
12" (30cm) tall
$40.00 (US) + mailing
Contact Joni  joninichols@alestra.net.mx if you don't speak Spansh: