Cloth Diapers

The diaper wrap is made by LITEWRAP and is imported from the United States. They are waterproof, convenient, offer a comfortable fit, are economical and are good for our environment! Made of easy care 100% polyester. They close with velcro.   Machine washable

Available in Newborn, Small, Medium and Large
They are very generously cut and we find that babies wear them when they are well beyond the manufacturer's weight/sizing guidelines. 

The anatomically cut 100% cloth diaper "filler" is made right here in Guadalajara.  Each has 5 layers of cotton toweling in the middle where baby needs it most!
In the photo you see the filler placed within the wrap ready to use.  Just snugly wrap around the baby and you are set.

Of course there is absolutely no need for diaper pins...these are the modern day family's cloth diaper!

                 *** STARTER PACKAGE***
                         24 cloth diapers
       4 diaper wraps (I recommend 3 newborn + 1 small)
                            $1400 pesos
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