Both parents admiring/holding their daughter while the surgery is being completed. Since operating rooms are cold, a mother's breast is a very warm and comforting place to be. In this case the pediatrician is about to place a blue heating pad over mother and baby for additional warmth.
Iliana, Carlos and Karily
Cesarean 2004
A Respectful Cesarean Birth and a VBAC

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Although the cesarean was unexpected, the care and attention to the birth was carefully thought out. The atmosphere of the operating room was tranquil and soft music was playing. The parents were encouraged to talk to their baby and their words of welcome and thanks were the first she heard! Karily was brought immediately to Iliana’s chest and remained there during the rest of the surgery.  “Rooming in” began immediately and Karily slept with her parents rather than in a nursery.

For more ideas about  creating a respectful cesarean:

Iliana, Carlos and Carlos Salvador  VBAC 2006
Proud father Carlos isn't visible in the photo because he is videotaping the moment after he helped  Dr Jose Luis catch his son!

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