Imagine wanting to describe your best friend, a life long dream, AND some of the proudest moments of your life using just this space. That's  the challenge I feel in conveying to you what Plenitud has meant to me, my partner Dr. José Luis Grefnes and the hundreds of families who have birthed with us! You can read how we built this relationship  HERE.

What began as a doctor - childbirth educator/doula partnership has grown over 20  years into a small community of caregivers! Plenitude now includes 2 more doctors; Hector Murillo and Jose Luis Hernandez aka "Junior",  a pediatrician; Franky Carrillo,  and childbirth educators/ doulas; Marilu Navarro y Monica Mendoza. All are committed to the midwifery or wellness model of care. Office visits provide clinical care but in an atmosphere where there is always time to talk, question, laugh and cry. 
Additionally, Midwife Maria Cortes  with whom I have joyfully worked at Plenitud has now inaugurated her very own birth center. Casa Aramara  Just imagine.... you can experience the same philosophy of respectful care whether you choose home, hospital or free standing birth center! 

No matter which caregivers you choose, the  2 1/2 hour private childbirth classes I offer will complement the clinical portion of your care. The classes  are scheduled two or three times during your pregnancy. Besides giving you an opportunity to  determine your birth preferences and learn lots of helpful comfort measures for labor these meetings give us the opportunity to develop the trust and closeness that makes my doula presence so helpful at your birth!

I suggest you visit the  cozy four room "birth center" where the doctors  practice autonomously within a traditional hospital at Hospital Valle de Atemajac as well as the free standing Casa Aramara. You also have the option of birthing  at the Hospital Mexico-Americano, Hospital San Javier, Hospital Lomas Providencia, Hospital Vallarta or in your own home. There certainly are more hospitals in the city but they don't support respectful birthing  practices.

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